• “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

    This perfect quote by William W. Purkey, is exactly what should take over you on your wedding day. The most beautiful couples unknowingly exude it from the time they wakeup (if they got any sleep) through the moment they are wed. Lucky for me, I've captured couples that live their day in this way and it's allowed me to document some of the best photos I've taken in my life...

What an amazing couple and fantastic party!  I’ve always enjoyed working at the Eagle Oaks Country Club and photographing these two on their wedding day made it that much more interesting.  So they are obviously a gorgeous pair but I was struck by how sweet and laid back they both where.  They are a truly radiant couple and I remember really looking forward to their wedding after I photographed their engagement session at the Boat House in Prospect Park.

Jackie’s parents home was a great start to my day.  Yes, I often make it about myself!  The light in this home was magnificent and I remember joking with a very particular Mother of the Bride about how I believed that they designed their home in preparation of my arrival – photo perfect.  Every design aspect of this house was perfect and I love what I was able to capture.

Eagle Oaks Country Club is a gorgeous venue and probably one of my favorite ball rooms in New Jersey.  I’m not just saying that, I really love the color scheme, decor and natural available light that fills the room till sun down.  I really enjoy covering receptions.  The fun moments after the ceremony and the formal portraits have been taken allow the couple to just relax and party the night away 😉


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