• “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

    This perfect quote by William W. Purkey, is exactly what should take over you on your wedding day. The most beautiful couples unknowingly exude it from the time they wakeup (if they got any sleep) through the moment they are wed. Lucky for me, I've captured couples that live their day in this way and it's allowed me to document some of the best photos I've taken in my life...

I’m so happy to share this beautiful wedding I photographed with Kate and Taylor at Battello last month.  It was a windy, chilly day with a perfect amount of cloud cover adding beautiful texture to the sky.  There is no other place I would have rather been than at this Battello Wedding.  This couple was truly a pleasure to work with!

I asked Kate to describe what style and design elements we would be falling in love with on the big day.  She said, “My hair will be in an updo and makeup will be natural-leaning but elevated. I always enjoy a fun lip and a lighter eye.  Flowers – a loose chic bouquet of soft ivory garden roses, burgundy dahlias, accented with dusty miller and silver dollar eucalyptus.  Bridesmaids flowers: A full bouquet of mixed dusty greenery, blue thistle, and an accent of soft beige Sahara roses, with the handle wrapped in a grey satin ribbon.”

Mixed Greens Event Designs was responsible for the gorgeous centerpieces and all the florals for this insanely tasteful event.  Kate described the flowers much better than I can.  “Low Centerpiece: Grapevine placed on the center  of the table accented with green succulents and a cluster of white bud vases filled with grey greenery, café au lait dahlias, and blue thistle, completed with an eclectic mix of mercury glass votives.  Tall Centerpieces: Cluster of white and clear glass vases filled with Manzanita branches and accented with soft grey greenery, blue thistle and café au lait dahlias, accented with an eclectic mix of mercury glass votives.”


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